When you send your Preloved fashion to SilkRoll, items may end up in Marissa Lucero’s “Fashion Design Kit!”

On our mission to up-cycle pre-used textile, she is empowering young women age 8-16 to find their creative self-expression while falling in love with Science, Math and Technology through fashion – your preloved fashion!  This is what we do with items that aren’t selected for the site!

In the first course of her series, students discover their talent to draw and sketch patterns. At the next level, they become equip with skills to run the machine and gain mastery in the basics of sewing and design.  At the third level, their vision becomes reality and your Preloved fashion turns into their passion projects!

Look how easy it is for you to do good!

Check out Marissa’s website to get inspired and see what else she is up!

We are smart, we are competent, we live in Silicon Valley, but we can’t find a kickass CTO!!

When I started working on SilkRoll, I had a vision to unlock all the trapped fashion inside our closets. Rather than donating them or exchanging them with just a few friends, I saw an online market place for women to share, trade and discover high quality fashion from closets around the world, at the same time, SilkRoll would connect a much larger community of likeminded fashion conscious women.  I had a very clear vision on how the user would experience it, and I knew it was going to take great technology.

I contracted a few engineers and built a basic beta version. Since then, I met my amazing co-founder Erin, we collected thousands of pieces of inventory, interacted with all of our beta users, optimized backend processes with basic tech, and grew a passionate team.  We understood what technology we needed to build, we spec’ed a software that, without going into much detail, requires automation, machine learning and lots of data analysis. 

Then we learned after oil, fashion industry is the 2nd largest pollutant in the world. Living in Silicon Valley, we witness 1st hand how cutting edge technology not only creates huge impact on the world’s most pressing problems, but also how much smarter we are becoming because of it. We started to see how much bigger this technology could be in creating value for our customers, our enterprise, other enterprises alike, and our world.

Back to our story, I was an investment banker for years. A year ago, words such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, APIs, Full Stack, Open Source Platforms, My Sql etc, might as well be Martian to me. Today, I can differentiate them, to the extent of explaining what they are.  My co-founder Erin worked in tech for the last 5 years, she will be the first to say the “what” to build, but we both lack the training and experience to actually architect and develop it.

We are building a unique online marketplace that is going to transform the fashion industry.  We are looking for a tech partner in crime, to work out the “how” alongside our amazing team. 

Who is going to put their energy into a project that is going to make a difference? Is it you? Or do you know that amazing person? If so, I want to hear from you, and be grateful for introducing the rockstar that’s going to join us on this journey.

Write to me: janet@silkroll.com

I wake up terrified of my friends and family, yes – terrified of friends and family. That started the day realized I became an entrepreneur. My co-founder and I are building SilkRoll, a sustainable fashion marketplace with a HUGE mission that, at times, feels impossible to accomplish. As a result, I find myself completely paralyzed by this fear of failure often.

The more connected I get to SilkRoll’s mission, the harder I work and the scarier this becomes. Instead of screaming our great idea from the roof tops, I bury myself in work and disconnect from everyone and I AM SO OVER DOING THAT! It’s lonely and totally unaligned with what I care about. I am choosing to embrace vulnerability.

8 months later…I am FINALLY sharing what we are up to and asking my friends and family to support SilkRoll…and guess what…hey don’t bite! In fact, they’re excited to support! This month we hit record breaking numbers of weekly activity on our site and our inventory is growing – growing so much that we even have to start scoping out a larger warehouse space to store everything 🙂

I am a firm believer that we all exist to do good and it just takes action to get over that vulnerability hump to start seeing the results. So, here’s to vulnerability! It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Keep doing good,
Erin Wold
Co-Founder @ SilkRoll