{TOP IO} Items Every Woman Should Own

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TOP 10 



Denim Shirt

Whether you are a cowgirl, farm girl, or city girl, the denim shirt goes a long way. It speaks style with comfort, create a Sunday casual look with jeans or leggings, or dress it up with a leather skirt and accessories. We love this True Religion shirt with a print cuff to spice the shirt up.


Dark Moto Leather Jacket

Let’s face it, every girl has a inner “rock chick”, well you don’t need to be one to own a leather jacket. It’s practical, extremely wind proof, casual, chic, with 10 drops of cool. At SilkRoll, we recommend picking a color that matches your skin tone, like this brown Andrew Marc cropped biker jacket, and match it up with your favorite pair of booties.


The Perfect White T

It’s the ultimate basic piece to style with anything. Find the perfect white T that fits your body shape, and accentuates your curves, it will allow the rest of your outfit to speak loud. Wear it alone, or underneath a jacket, sweater, poncho, or blazer.


Trench Coat

Originally worn by men, the trench coast evolved into the modern day woman’s symbol for elegance, grace, and style, yet being practical in any weather conditions. Dress it up for work, or keep warm on a date, the trench coat is the most versatile outerwear you can own. Create femininity by choosing a pastel pink version such as this BCBG Maxazria we have at SilkRoll.


The All Seasons Pullover

Some time you can’t predict the weather; it may get hot one minute, and cold the next. Owning a perfect pullover that you can carry with you anywhere and match with anything really does make a difference. The secret is in the material, we recommend going for a wool or cashmere one to provide comfort, fit and long lasting value.


Dark Fitted Blazer

Another statement piece for the modern day women. Whether you are a senior business exec, or a stay home mom, you can never go wrong in a high quality fitted blazer. Wear it to business meetings, Saturday dinner a friend’s place, or a trip to the art museum, dress it up with skirt and heels, or dress it down with jeans and flats. We love this Korean designer it Michaa’s version of the black blazer.


Neutral Color Tote

So versatile and practical, the tote is really the all-in-one piece designed for the woman on the go. Suitable for day or night, summer or winter, pick one that fits all your essentials and your laptop! We absolutely adore this Salvatore Ferragamo beige tote.


White Silk Blouse

Nothing compares to the comfort of a loose but well fitted silk blouse. The classy blouse channels full feminine chic no matter what our shape or size is. While there is huge variety of colors and prints to choose from, we believe every woman should keep at least a plain colored one such as this lovely DVF statement blouse to give the rest of your outfit an instant lift in class.


Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Fast becoming a new classic, the skinny jean has literally swept the entire globe with a brand new way for women to wear and relate to jeans. We love it because it shapes our legs and lifts our butts, showing off our best assets, while making us feel at home. Check out this pair of David Kahn dark skinny jean we have in stock.


The LBD (Little Black Dress)

Yes! The forever classic, feminine, chic LBD.  Whether you are dreaming about breakfast at Tiffany’s or planning for a date night, no woman shall get away with not having a perfectly fitted LBD in her wardrobe. With a million styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, there is no “one fit for all” in this category. Our rule of thumb is finding the LBD that fits your body like a pair of gloves. At SilkRoll, we have a huge and growing selection of LBDs to choose from, find your favorite right here!

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