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Senior Growth Marketer

Help us to help make sure everyone in America knows about SilkRoll. More specifically, this role is looking into creating user acquisition channels and then investing heavily in the ones that work the best while discovering new channels.

What you’ll be doing:
- Growing our active user base to 2500 in 3 months (currently 500), and then beyond that.
- Running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other direct marketing channels.
- Coming up with creative tools to help our users share more.
- Using our current content to get more traffic from search and social.
- Increasing the conversion on our website blog.
- Setting and executing extremely ambitious growth targets.
- And eventually, leading a team to help grow the brand.

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Merchandising Intern

Our customers send SilkRoll fashion that they own but don't wear. Our merchandisers are the gate keepers of our brand. You will be choosing and evaluating items to list to onto our fast growing online collection that meet our quality standards. In addition to selecting fashion, you will be responsible for recording the products' specs and descriptions. This enhances the customers' browsing experience and confidence that the products fit them.

Most important qualities we're looking for:
- You have great fashion brand awareness, and have a keen interest in following the latest trends in fashion.
- You have a good eye for what's desirable and in style.
- You're someone who is on time and proactively communicates. You're reliable.
- Your attention to detail is very strong, people would say that you're meticulous.
- You're process driven and speak up when you see a better way to get something done.
- You're a team player, someone who feels like they won when the team accomplishes their goals.
- You are forward thinking and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
- You can handle a high demand, fast pace, quickly evolving environment.

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Social Media Intern

SilkRoll's social media profiles are at the core of the company's branding. We are looking for creative brains to bring new and interesting ideas to the table and executing them.

You will be creating and posting content consistent with the company's brand, with an intention to grow a large following on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages.

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