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What are Qs?
How are Qs calculated?
How do I know which products I trade in will be accepted?
Is there a list of brands you accept?
Is there a list of Brands you do NOT accept?
What sizes of clothing do you accept?
What happens to products that are not accepted?
Do I earn Qs for products not accepted?
What if I don’t have enough Qs for the products I want?
What should I do with my Qs if I don’t see items I want?
Can I sell or transfer my Qs?
How come the Qs I received doesn't match the listing price?
Can I return products?
Will I earn Qs back after a return?
What if I’m not happy with the Qs awarded to me?
How much does it cost to trade-in my fashion?
How much does it cost to ship products I purchased?
Do I have to be a member to use SilkRoll?
What are the perks for SilkRoll members?
What is the membership fee for?
If I don’t have fashion to trade in, can I still shop at SilkRoll?