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What are Qs?

Qs are points you use to shop at SilkRoll. You can acquire Qs by either trading in quality fashion you no longer use, or by purchasing them from us. Use them just like how you would use your flyer miles and points rewards!

How are Qs calculated?

Our trained fashion experts assign Qs to each product we accept based on their estimated retail value, the condition they are in, and how much they are in demand. Most items receive 80% – 100% of their original estimated retail value.

Certain desirable items (determined by demand/supply on SilkRoll’s site) receive up to 500% of their original estimated retail value.

How do I know which products I trade in will be accepted?

Please review What we take section. We strictly do not accept cheap fast fashion, damaged, worn out, stained, and inauthentic products. To maximize your experience with SilkRoll, please refrain from sending us these products.

Is there a list of brands you accept?

Unlike regular consignment or resell, we don’t have a list of accepted brands. We accept all high-quality, high-end, and luxury fashion brands, depending on the condition they come in. Most products that get listed are in near-new or brand new condition, except certain vintage or limited edition products. 

To see a list of  brands we currently have, please browse the Brands Filter on our shopping pages. 

Is there a list of Brands you do NOT accept?

Along with our commitment to eliminate “Fast Fashion”, we no longer accept these brands:

7th Avenue (NY & Co), A.N.A A New Approach, Aeropostale, Agb, Agnes & Dora, Alfred Dunner, All For Color, Alya, Ambiance, American Eagle, Angie, Apt. 9, Artisan Ny, Ashley Mason, Body Central, BeBop, Bisou Bisou, Bobbie Brooks, Brandy Melville, Blu Soul, Cable & Gauge, Candie’s, Canyon River Blues, Chaps, Caribbean Joe, Carolyn Taylor, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, Chelsey, Chicos, Classic Elements, Coolwear, Deb, Derek Heart, Dg2 By Diane Gilman, DJ Jaz, DonnKenny, Dreagal, Dusak Designs, Elle, Energie, Eyelash Couture, Fabletics, Faded Glory, Flamingo Urban, Forla Paris, Filly Fair, First Option, Fluxus, Forever 21, G By Guiliana, Gap, George, Grace Elements, Grass Collection, Gym Shark, Harve Benard, H&M, Hollister, Iman, IZ Byer California, Japna, Jc Penny, Jeanne Pierre, Jennifer Lopez, Joe Fresh, Justfab, Just Living, Karen Scott, K-mart, Kensie, Knox Rose, Kohls, Laura Scott, Lazy Sundays, Life in Progress, Liz Baker, Love Republic, Love Tree, Love, Fire, Luxe, Luxology, Mangosteen, Market & Spruce, Massimo, Merona, Miholl, Mine, Miusol, Moda International, Maurices, MSK, Mymichelle, N Touch, Na Na, New York & Co, Nick & Sarah, No Boundaries, Notations, Noir, Nsr, Old Navy, Olivia Matthews, Olivia Sky, One Clothing, Op, Ovi, Paper Crane, Paraphrase, PatPat, Patrons Of Peace, Petticoat Alley, Pink Rose, Poof!, R&M richards, Reebok, Renee C, Rewind, Ronni Nicole, Rose & Olive, Route 66, Roz & Ali, Sneak Peak, Sans Souci, Sara Jane, Sears, Shein, SheShow, Sienna Sky, SMYS, Solemio, Soprano, Studio Works, St. Johns Bay, Style + Co, Style Rack, Sunny Girl, Susan Graver, Susan Lawrence, Sushiflower, Svaha, Target, Tassel N Lace, Tacera, Time And Tru, Torrid, Trixie + Lulu, United States Sweaters, Unity World Wear, Ultra Flirt, Vanilla Star, Velvet Heart, Verve, Venus, Wal-mart, Wd.Ny, Wendy Williams, Wetseal, Worthington, Xhiliration, Ymi, Zara Basic, Zenana Outfitters

In addition, we accept the below brands on a selective basis, the products have to be in excellent/new condition, and they must have elements of unique styles and design:

Abercrombie, Adidas, Alfani, Ann Taylor, Anne Klein, Arden B, Ark & Co, Asos, Banana Republic, Charter Club, Coldwater, Dressbarn, Echo, ECI, Express, Guess, Halogen, I.N.C, J.Jill, Land’s End, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, Liz Claiborne, Loft, Lucky Brand, LulaRoe (New With Tags Only), Lush, Mango (MNG), Nike, Nine West, Talbots, The Limited, Tobi, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret, W5, Zara Women

What sizes of clothing do you accept?

We accept all sizes of clothing.

All products listed are acquired from our customers’ trade-ins. The more trade-ins we get in a certain size, the larger our collection in that size becomes! 

What happens to products that are not accepted?

SilkRoll is committed to lengthening the life cycle of fashion. We actively work with with strategic partners to ensure all products we receive get reused, recycled or upcycled sustainably. Please visit our Partners page for more details.

Do I earn Qs for products not accepted?

For products we don’t accept, you do not earn any Qs.

What if I don’t have enough Qs for the products I want?

You can purchase Qs to make up the difference. Or you can send in more fashion to earn more Qs.

What should I do with my Qs if I don’t see items I want?

Our Qs don’t expire, we will send you regular alerts once new items are in store so you can come back anytime to find things you want!

Can I sell, transfer or donate my Qs?

Currently we do not have the ability to buy back Qs from you.

If you’d like to transfer your Qs to another user, or donate your Qs to a charity, please contact us at hello@silkroll.com

Qs transfer to another user is subject to a 3% service fee. 

How come the Qs I received doesn't match the listing price?

Our listing prices are not static.

We award customers with Qs using a combination of estimated retail price of the product and it’s suggested desirability based on our in-house data analytics. Once awarded, SilkRoll has the right to increase or decrease the price any time post listing, subject to changes in supply/demand. The listing price may change multiple times over a period of time.

Any changes in listing price does not affect the points initially awarded to customers. 

Can I return products?

Yes, SilkRoll is the world’s largest shared closet, you can always trade back the items you don’t want anymore as long as they are clean and still in great condition, so someone else can enjoy them!

Will I earn Qs back after a return?

We reassign Qs back to you based on the condition of the products when we get them back, and if they are still consistent with the theme of the store. SilkRoll has the right to increase or decrease the amount of Qs reassigned, or not reassign any Qs back if the products are no longer in acceptable condition.

What if I’m not happy with the Qs awarded to me?

We leverage our in house data analytics tool to guide us with fair valuation of each product. Our fashion experts are also highly trained to award Qs as fairly and as accurately as possible according the product’s retail value, condition, and style. If you don’t agree with our valuation, you may request all the accepted items to be sent back within 24 hours of award, and we will cancel the Qs awarded to you.

How much does it cost to trade-in my fashion?

Trading in your fashion is FREE. Simply request one of our prepaid trade-in here.

How much does it cost to ship products I purchased?

We charge a $10 flat shipping fee each time you make a purchase order.

Do I have to be a member to use SilkRoll?

No. You don’t have to be a member to use it. 

Non-members simply pay a 7%  service fee each time points are redeemed.

We recommend membership as a way to save money if you are a frequent or high volume user.

What are the perks for SilkRoll members?

We waive all service fees for members.

In addition, members enjoy perks such as 100 bonus points at every monthly renewal, new arrivals early access, exclusive invites to partner events, and much more!

What and how much is the service fee?

This allows SilkRoll to offer you services such as quality assurance, professional photography, storage, packaging, and accessible customer support. Our service fee is 7% of the Qs you redeem for each purchase.

Service fees are non-refundable.

If a product is damaged/stained/inauthentic that missed SilkRoll’s quality inspection process, image evidence must be provided to SilkRoll within 24 hours of receiving package together with a refund request. SilkRoll reserves the right to further investigate and determine if the refund will be granted. 

If I don’t have fashion to trade in, can I still shop at SilkRoll?

Absolutely, purchase one of our Qs packages to start shopping right away!


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