A world where high quality fashion is accessible, and its value preserved.

Origin Story

SilkRoll was inspired by founder Janet Wu’s personal journey through her life transitions from being an investment banker in London, Singapore & Hong Kong, to becoming a startup CFO, and now a new mother living with her growing family in San Francisco.

For a modern-day woman on the go, life takes us places. We go through multiple changes in our careers, our personal lives, our family situations, our body shape, and our emotional state. Through each change, one thing remains constant -
the need for the appropriate wardrobe. We find ourselves constantly having to reinvest in our closets, some times from scratch.

As Janet watched her beloved designer wardrobe that she spent years carefully amassing depreciate in value, it prompted her to tinker on the idea: “What if we can swap them value-for-value? There must be many women out there who are willing to share their closets and become each other’s style-mates...”


To provide the best exchange network that allows women to shop better: more sustainably, with easy discovery of high quality brands, while saving time and money.

Benefits of SilkRoll

SilkRoll is an online fashion exchange that gives you access to discovering high quality pre-owned fashion directly from the closet of your style-mates, while saving time and money.

Discover new fashion

With 1000s of brands out there it's easy to be overwhelmed by choice. With SilkRoll, you can follow your style-mates, and let women the same size and style as you guide you to new, exciting brands!

Save money

Leverage your existing high quality wardrobe to get access to the best secondhand deals on the internet.

Reduce waste

11 million tons of textile waste goes into landfill per year in the US alone and much of that is usable fashion. We are committed to finding the right home for your fashion to extend its life

Buy better

Because with SilkRoll your high quality purchases retain their value,you can feel free to buy more investment pieces: the type of clothing that makes you feel and look great!

The Team

Janet found two more women - Erin and Agi,who resonated with her story and shared her vision. Erin had already spent 4 years in operations at a service logistics startup that was in skyrocket growth mode, so she knew her expertise in scaling operations was a valuable as this idea.

As they began to build SilkRoll, friends connected them to a renowned photographer Gavin Farrington. His tech background, profession edge, and passion for automation & perfection makes SilkRoll’s products appear so desirable online.

Agi Letkiewicz, one of the first customers of SilkRoll, descended on the team through an extended mutual friend. Armed with 6 years of merchandising and buying experience from the world’s largest retailers and a sustainable fashion entrepreneur herself, she joined the team to take the product collection to the next level.

Together, they started building SilkRoll to become what it is today.


What we care about

We imagine a world where women can feel free to invest in their wardrobe; buying pieces that are high quality because the can leverage that investment later by trading with other women.

Sustainability is a thread woven through everything we do;

Environmental sustainability for the planet - Less textile waste going to landfill,
and less low quality, disposable fashion being produced.

Financial sustainability for our community - less money spent on new clothing from season to season.