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Too many clothes you don't wear?
Earn points by sending in designer fashion,
and use your points to shop.

Mail in your fashion by requesting a free shipping label, or shipping kit
Receive points, aka Qs, to shop for new fashion
Keep the clothes or return later to get your Qs back

Picks for Summer

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Amour Vert
Brown Shirt Dress
$49.00 or 520 Qs
$39.20 or 416 Qs MEMBERS
Blue Solid Classic Fit & Flare Dress
$39.00 or 350 Qs
$31.20 or 280 Qs MEMBERS
Intimately Free People
Beige Lace Detail Day Dress
$40.00 or 420 Qs
$32.00 or 336 Qs MEMBERS
Eileen Fisher
Black Day Dress
$50.00 or 525 Qs
$40.00 or 420 Qs MEMBERS
Maggy London
Blue White Tropical Print Dress
$36.00 or 390 Qs
$28.80 or 312 Qs MEMBERS
Club Monaco
Grey Sequin Tank Dress
$40.00 or 450 Qs
$32.00 or 360 Qs MEMBERS
Navy Blue Sleeveless Day Dress
$41.00 or 463 Qs
$32.80 or 370 Qs MEMBERS
Multicolor Striped Tank Top Dress
$36.00 or 350 Qs
$28.80 or 280 Qs MEMBERS
Free People
Blue Embroidered Bohemian Dress
$50.00 or 625 Qs
$40.00 or 500 Qs MEMBERS
vineyard vines
Blue Denim Shirt Dress
$43.00 or 450 Qs
$34.40 or 360 Qs MEMBERS
BCBG MaxAzria
Green Square Collar Dress
$40.00 or 290 Qs
$32.00 or 232 Qs MEMBERS
Lilly Pulitzer
Pink Slip Holiday Floral Dress
$40.00 or 390 Qs
$32.00 or 312 Qs MEMBERS
White Blue Check Shirt Top
$49.00 or 580 Qs
$39.20 or 464 Qs MEMBERS
Design History
Green Blue Holiday Bohemian Knit Dress
$39.00 or 380 Qs
$31.20 or 304 Qs MEMBERS
Free People
Blue Blouson/Popover All Day Wear Solid Dress
$50.00 or 525 Qs
$40.00 or 420 Qs MEMBERS
Pink Slip Dress Classic Solid Dress
$39.00 or 300 Qs
$31.20 or 240 Qs MEMBERS
Free People
Beige Holiday Bohemian Dress
$50.00 or 480 Qs
$40.00 or 384 Qs MEMBERS
Free People
Beige Top
$50.00 or 480 Qs
$40.00 or 384 Qs MEMBERS
Gray T-Shirt Print Dress
$40.00 or 300 Qs
$32.00 or 240 Qs MEMBERS
Laundry by Design
Blue Chevron Holiday Fit & Flare Dress
$39.00 or 310 Qs
$31.20 or 248 Qs MEMBERS

Best of Vintage

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Leslie Fay
Green Vintage Wool Coat
$59.00 or 680 Qs
$47.20 or 544 Qs MEMBERS
Kate Spade New York
Black Vintage Baguette Shoulder Bag
$200.00 or 1000 Qs
$160.00 or 800 Qs MEMBERS
Pilcro and the Letterpress
Blue Dark Rinse Wide Leg Jeans
$40.00 or 390 Qs
$32.00 or 312 Qs MEMBERS
Green Solid Holiday A-Line Dress
$55.00 or 580 Qs
$44.00 or 464 Qs MEMBERS
Black & Gold Puff Sleeve Evening Gown
$49.00 or 450 Qs
$39.20 or 360 Qs MEMBERS
Donna Karan New York
Black All Day Wear A-Line Skirt
$199.00 or 1450 Qs
$159.20 or 1160 Qs MEMBERS
Roberta Freymann
Black Brunch Flared Lace Skirt
$49.00 or 345 Qs
$39.20 or 276 Qs MEMBERS
Lauren Ralph Lauren
Red Vintage Cropped Jacket
$49.00 or 395 Qs
$39.20 or 316 Qs MEMBERS
Swee Lo
Black Sequin Vintage Party Top
$75.00 or 500 Qs
$60.00 or 400 Qs MEMBERS
Ted Lapidus
Vintage Green Black Houndstooth Coat
$120.00 or 1100 Qs
$96.00 or 880 Qs MEMBERS
Beige Suede Buttoned Pocketed Jacket
$45.00 or 500 Qs
$36.00 or 400 Qs MEMBERS
Finishing Touches
Gray Glen Check Coat
$65.00 or 425 Qs
$52.00 or 340 Qs MEMBERS
Nicole Miller
Multi Pattern Cross Straps Puff Dress
$65.00 or 450 Qs
$52.00 or 360 Qs MEMBERS
Donna Karan New York
Black Dress
$65.00 or 1000 Qs
$52.00 or 800 Qs MEMBERS
Kroshetta by Papillon
Cream Knit Retro Dress
$45.00 or 450 Qs
$36.00 or 360 Qs MEMBERS
Vertigo Paris
Brown Vintage Houndstooth Blazer
$79.00 or 825 Qs
$63.20 or 660 Qs MEMBERS
Kay Unger
Green Textured Retro Pencil Skirt
$40.00 or 600 Qs
$32.00 or 480 Qs MEMBERS
Green Retro Blazer
$49.00 or 500 Qs
$39.20 or 400 Qs MEMBERS
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Beauty Stylist

"Before SilkRoll I was constantly waiting for sales, now I can shop anytime and never run out of things to wear again!"

Business development manager, HP Inc.

"I get to participate in sustainable fashion, share my treasured wardrobe with like minded women, shop and experiment new styles without guilt."

Executive Coach, LeadWithBrilliance.com

"I now have access to a variety of quality clothes in my preferred style and size. I can refresh my entire wardrobe within minutes!"

Vanessa G.

"It's basically like being able to get the fun of shopping without having the credit card bill! The thing I really love about SilkRoll is you can keep the clothing for as long as you enjoy it, it doesn't have to have a deadline."

Amber A.

"You can experiment with colors and styles you usually wouldn't try, but there is no risks in doing that. There is a real good range and there is something for everyone."

Jenna H.

"You're using points from clothes you no longer use, so you're not losing anything. It's a good place to try and think outside your box!"

Julia A.

"I was surprised how quick it worked. You get a confirmation pretty quick, you get your points pretty quick, it helped me to keep the momentum going."

Danyhel K.

"I love the ease of receiving the bag and sending my items in. Quick and easy. There is a great selection of clothing in all sizes. By far my favorite!"

Morgan B.

"I love SilkRoll! I have been able to send in my items that we're collecting dust and replace them with a few of my new favorite pieces! Their customer service is outstanding as well."

Rose M.

"Great startup solving a real problem in the fashion industry! Easy to use and sooooo cheap to refresh my entire closet. Love it!"

Vivienne Y.

"I have no space for my unused items, and I can't just throw them away, SilkRoll provided the perfect solution for a woman like me. What surprised me is I found really good quality items on the site!"

Patricia A.

"My favorite things about SilkRoll are the simplicity of use and the reduced impact on the environment."

Kelsey T.

"I like the excitement of finding the right piece for you, and knowing its original and the only one out there."

Sophia Y.

"Love that I can turn my old clothes into new ones!"

Catherine G.

"Sent in my stuff for a ton of points! I find the customer service to be very responsive, too!"

Dotti W.

"What a fabulous place to buy and sell. Owners and staff are so interactive. They are easily accessible via email, they respond promptly. They even reached out to me one time with a personal phone call. When you buy an item you get a personal note enclosed with your order. Love this company."

Michelle B.

"Love it, it's its amazing. Used 3 times and refer it to everyone!"

Amanda R.

"First of all, this is SUCH an amazing concept! I've been pondering this idea for a while and finally someone has taken the initiative to get going and as a customer I'm excited!"

Darci H.

"The clothes and how they do business is very impressive. A good cause is helped as well."

Jessica E.

"I use SilkRoll for work clothes and formal occasions. I've gotten amazing pieces in exchange for items I was never going to wear anyway. Awesome!"

Brooke L.

"Great company! I sent my bag and got tons of points!!"

Dasha R.

"Great concept and great company:)"

More about SilkRoll
  • SilkRoll aired on Shark Tank in March 2019.
  • Buy better: Because with SilkRoll your high quality purchases retain their value, feel free to buy more investment pieces, the type of clothing that makes you look and feel great
  • Reduce waste: 11 million tons of textile waste goes into landfill per year in the US alone, and much of that is usable fashion. With SilkRoll, your fashion gets gets another chance with women trading all
    over the country and will find the right home to extend it’s life.
  • Discover new fashion: Follow your style-mates, and let women the same size and style as you guide you to new, exciting brands! Experiment with new styles without putting a dent in your wallet!
  • Save time and money: Leverage your existing high quality wardrobe to get access to the best second hand deals on the internet! And let us do all the work.

Let’s build a sustainable future

By trading and shopping with SilkRoll, you’re contributing towards a sustainable future for yourself, the planet, and the next generation of shoppers.

For you
Protect your investment in your closet from going to pennies on the dollar when your life changes.
For the planet
Cheap fashion no longer has to cost the environment and our basic human rights.
For the next generation of shoppers
Consciously choosing services and products that embrace innovation, technology, efficiency, and sustainability is a big deal. Together, we will alter the default consumer behavior and bravely pave the path for a new wave of consumers to arise.

By joining hands, we create immense value, while supporting each other to thrive and succeed.

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