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We have accepted more than 2,000 brands into our collection

What we take

Our favourite brands

Kate Spade
Diane von Furstenberg
Alice & Olivia
Michael Kors

You will get Qs for:

  • Women’s clothing and bags
  • Top designer fashion
  • Recent styles and trends
  • Items that are new or in excellent condition
  • Items that are clean and laundered
  • Authentic pieces

You will not get Qs for:

  • Fast Fashion, e.g. Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy, Target, JC Penny, Kohls etc.
  • Basic casual wear, e.g. basic T-shirts, basic tank tops
  • Men’s or children’s clothing
  • Under garments, accessories or shoes
  • Stained or damaged items
  • Items that are inauthentic or in poor condition
Here's a list of brands we don't accept