How It Works

Too many clothes you don't wear?
Earn points by sending in designer fashion,
and use your points to shop.

Send in your fashion by requesting a free Trade-in Kit
Receive points, aka Qs, to shop for new fashion
Keep the clothes or return later to get your Qs back

Discover how many points you will earn

We have accepted more than 2,000 brands into our collection

What we take

Our favourite brands

Kate Spade
Diane von Furstenberg
Alice & Olivia
Michael Kors

You will get Qs for:

  • Women’s clothing and bags
  • Top designer fashion
  • Recent styles and trends
  • Items that are new or in excellent condition
  • Items that are clean and laundered
  • Authentic pieces

You will not get Qs for:

  • Fast Fashion, e.g. Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy, Target, JC Penny, Kohls etc.
  • Basic casual wear, e.g. basic T-shirts, basic tank tops
  • Men’s or children’s clothing
  • Under garments, accessories or shoes
  • Stained or damaged items
  • Items that are inauthentic or in poor condition
Here's a list of brands we don't accept