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Why SilkRoll

No matter what your style is, we tailor to your aspirations and speak to your eco-conscious mind. For the smart and fashionable woman, SilkRoll is the ultimate community to trade and discover high quality fashion from style-mates around the world without spending an extra penny. Our vision is to build the world’s largest shared closet.


We care that you to live consciously and sustainably, starting with your closet. We are committed to lengthening the lifecycle of quality fashion through our unique recirculation methodology, and redirecting textile waste from landfills. SilkRoll gives fashion you no longer wear a second life and awards you points to fill it back up, full of things you actually love!


SilkRoll was founded by Janet Wu, who spent 10 years developing her style and taste in fashion while working around the world as an investment banker.  Her lucrative career allowed her to create the closet of her dreams, but left her always wanting more… With a wealth of financial knowledge Janet took a risk and became the CFO of a cleantech startup and eventually moved to San Francisco where her entire high-end wardrobe became obsolete.  Everyday she looked at the fashion she loved but no longer wore and was unsatisfied with the options to purge this valuable collection.  She contemplated, ”how can I keep the value of this fashion and share it with someone who would appreciate my style?” On the 4th of July, 2015, Janet shared her idea with Erin Wold. Erin always dreamed of owning this kind of fashion but with an abundance of student loan debt her ability to invest in high quality fashion was limited.  By this time, Erin had already spent 4 years in operations at a startup that was in skyrocket growth mode, so she knew her expertise in scaling operations was as valuable as this idea, she became Janet’s co-founder. As they began building SilkRoll, friends connected them to a renowned photographer, San Francisco’s Best of the Best: Gavin Farrington.  His tech background, professional edge, and passion for automation & perfection makes SilkRoll’s products appear so desirable online that our customers can realize the real value that their style deserves!  When SilkRoll’s 1st version of the website needed a serious reboot to facilitate growth, Anusheel Bhushan joined the team to provide his technical expertise. A software engineer by training, and having spent 5 years founding & scaling his own agile app development startup where he managed hundreds of projects, Anusheel knew exactly what SilkRoll needed in its technology to go to the next level. Together, we bring all of our brains and hearts to the table, by serving our customers right, we get to change the world.

Leadership team

Janet Wu

Janet Wu

Founder and CEO

Erin Wold

Erin Wold

Co-founder and COO

Gavin Farrington

Gavin Farrington

Head of Operations Technology


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